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Alien Invasion is a collection that is about embracing your own individuality and channelling it into playful and expressive garments that will make the wearer stand out. This collection is about moving away from colonial standards and views of what fashion should be and instead dressing to express how you feel and who you are. The alien persona is combined with the unique style of camp to create vibrant, interesting garments from basic archetypes. One great aspect of my collection is that each piece can be mixed and matched as well as being able to be styled up and down. The collection is also intended to be worn by anyone and any identity.


The alien persona is quite interesting as it isn’t new in the fashion industry and designers like Alexander Mqueen and Rick Owens have both produced alien inspired collections. But what is interesting is that each collection is completely different even though it is the same persona.  The concept of alien has become interpretational as it doesn’t just mean an extra-terrestrial species and how they might look but alien also means to be different and unusual. The title of my collection Alien Invasion is a metaphor meaning that individuality and expression through clothing should take over the world. I found a quote from an article about this subject that states that the alien persona “changes the way people perceive themselves by presenting alternate versions of what’s beautiful which I think sums up the ideas behind my concept beautifully.

This collection features fabric manipulation techniques such as folded tulle, and gathering with elastic which is complimented with a bold colour pallet.



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