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The De Vil Jacket, is inspired by the character Cruella De Vil (a rebellious fashion designer) and her distinct, extravagant taste in fashion in the Disney movie. Throughout the movie, I noticed that the costumes worn by Cruella and the Baroness contain strong lines and shapes that create unusual, but powerful silhouettes. One particular line in the movie spoken by Cruella, “Bold, brilliant, born bad, and a little mad.” Really sums up her character and my design project! I want the De Vil Jacket to be bold, brilliant, and a little mad!

Drawing Inspiration from the movie, I wanted to subvert the puffer jacket archetype by creating a bold shape and silhouette that is complimented by varying quilted designs and textures to produce the puff appearance. Due to Cruella’s unpredictable and unruly nature, I want to use the colours red and black which are the colours she frequently wears in the movie to represent the devious character. The jacket features a structured overlaying garment, supported with copper wire, a basque waistline and an oversized collar. Just like Cruella, the De Vil Jacket is intended to make a statement and stand out in the crowd with its expressive appearance. The intended market for the De Vil Puffer Jacket is for catwalk and couture use. 




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