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An inclusive, unisex, grunge streetwear brand that combines the use of new materials with old/pre-owned garments sourced from op shops to. Each garment is hand-made and unique as most garments feature patch-working to join/add pre-owned materials so designs and colours will vary.


The following Collection I have designed is to be sold in Sucker Store. It has been created with the suburb Brunswick as the main source of inspiration for the five looks. Brunswick is home to creative, independent people who express themselves through artwork, independent businesses, and fashion. When I first moved to Melbourne, I thought that Brunswick was dirty and unfriendly due to the vast amounts of graffiti scribbled across the suburb. However, over the years I have noticed that Brunswick is an outlet for creativity, and anyone can be who they want to be with no judgement. This collection is an ode to my growth and to the people who changed my mind.


Walking down Sydney Road I was drawn to decaying posters, infrastructure, graffiti and ageing which has influenced my designs through adding these textures. My 2022 Spring Collection is made up of basic garments that are transformed by adding texture, patch-working, decorative stitching and material transformation through bleach and paint. These techniques make the garments eye-catching and fun while still being suited for everyday wear on the streets.


This gender fluid, unisex collection targets customers aged between 18-30. These customers have a particular interest in street fashion that is inspired by the grunge/punk movement in the 1990s. These customers want to wear comfortable clothes that stand out.





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